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ST Group is the leading provider of home, office and car window tinting solutions in Glenroy. When it comes to enhancing visual aesthetics, comfort and security of your personal and professional spaces — we’re your trusted partner.

Reasons to Get Your Windows Tinted in Glenroy

Automotive Window Tinting

Better Aesthetic Appeal: At ST Group, our window tinting solutions are available in various finishes and shades that complements all architectural style in Glenroy. Be it a classic, traditional approach or a sleek, modern look — we’ve you covered!

Improved Energy Efficiency & Comfort: Want greater temperature control within your home or office space? Our top-notch window tinting services ensure a comfortable environment all year round. The window tints block excessive heat during summer and retains warmth during winter, significantly reducing your energy bills.

Enhanced Privacy & Security: Home window tinting solutions from ST Group offer additional layer of privacy without sacrificing natural light in Glenroy. Moreover, tints make your windows resistant to shattering and strengthen them. Thus, they offer an extra level of protection and security against potential break-ins.

Why Choose Us?

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We’re not just a business serving the Glenroy community, we’re part of it. 

  • Local Expertise: ST Group understands the specific requirements and challenges of this area. We provide solutions that are tailored to unique requirements of Glenroy residents.
  • Superior Service: At ST Group, we take pride in our friendly, efficient, and professional service. Our team of skilled technicians ensure every job is completed to the highest standards with minimal disruption to your daily life.
  • 7-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty: ST Group possess 25 years of industry experience and bring unparalleled expertise to every project. We offer a solid 7-year manufacturer’s warranty with our window tinting products and services in Glenroy.

Experience the transformative power of window tinting solutions in Glenroy. Contact ST Group TODAY!