Car Window Tinting

Make your car look hot, but feel cool with our premium quality automotive tints.

Car window tinting provides a shield against the harmful UV rays while ensuring you get proper visibility. At SolarTint, we are committed to providing you with world-class car window tinting services at budget-friendly rates.

Our tinting experts have adeptly worked on various cars of different makes and models. In addition to this, we specialise in providing automotive tint for heavy utility vehicles like minibusses and trucks.

Best in class tint products for Car Window Tinting:

Black Pearl Tinting

Black Pearl Tinting

When pure optical clarity is combined with spectrally selective nanoparticles, you get black pearl tinting. This unique amalgamation delivers the jet black hue, which is in high demand. Black pearl tint, unlike many metalised window films, results in exceptionally low reflection rates.

Moreover, Black Pearl cuts down the dangerous UV radiation by 99%, along with a significant reduction in the irksome glare and heat entering your most valuable investment.

(New) Black Pearl Nano Ceramic

Black Pearl Nano Ceramic

Our new Black Pearl Nano Ceramic enables you to enjoy a cool car by protecting you from infrared heat.

Black Pearl – Nano Ceramic is equipped by a leading Japanese nano-ceramic technology that provides long-lasting infrared block technology. Moreover, the ceramic compounds are known to ease the flow of technological signals, resulting in lesser interference with your GPS, radio or mobile phone. A perfect option for vehicles wanting privacy glass, Black Pearl – Nano Ceramic is available in numerous shades, which allows you to stay within legal tint regulations. With this tint, you can achieve desired levels of privacy, along with giving your car a sleek look.

  • Low internal reflection
  • High-performance nano-technology
  • Long lasting infrared block technology
  • Multiple shades of tint
  • Blocks 99% of UV rays
  • Factory-backed lifetime warranty*

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