commercial window tinting

Make your office look elegant with high-quality commercial window tinting services.

SolarTint is a foremost and trusted tinting company with extensive industry expertise and experience in the installation of world-class window films.

Benefits of Office Window Tinting

Massive Savings on Energy Bills – When you install SolarTint window films, you can witness a drop in the cooling cost. Our premium quality reflective films block out around 80% of the sun’s heat thus drastically lowering the air conditioning costs. Likewise, during winters, the same film retains interior heat bringing down the heating costs. Result? – Impressive ROI!

Enhanced Safety – One of the most dangerous consequences of any natural or man-made disasters are splintered flying glass. With specially designed to hold the glass, Protekt film by SolarTint, you can rest assured that chances of injury and property damage will reduce considerably.

Safeguard the Interiors from Fading – The sun’s UV rays can damage the interior furnishings and merchandise, beyond repairs. It can result in premature fading and shortening its useful life. With our Madico films which screen out up to 99% of those harmful rays, you can ensure a protective cover for the interiors of your workplace.

For Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal – Our supreme quality films not only protects the interior of your building but also make the exteriors attractive. It reduces the visible clutter giving a uniform appearance to the windows by adding an endearing appeal.

Reduction in Eye-straining Glare – Often glares cause eye fatigue resulting in lower productivity. Drawing the curtains can make people claustrophobic, eventually affecting productivity. Moreover, closing the blinds will only give rise to increased energy bills due to excessive use of artificial lighting. Professionally tinted office windows let just the light, not the glare, helping you to maintain an “open” feeling.

Why Choose SolarTint for Commercial Window Tinting?

SolarTint’s window films are installed by factory trained and skilled professionals, within a given frame of time and without causing any disruption. Moreover, our window films come with a nation-wide manufacturer’s warranty.

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