home Window tinting

Look at the world with different perspective with our exceptional residential window tinting services. SolarTint’s premium quality film not only strengthens your glass windows by providing it extra security, but also makes your home look elegant.

It’s time to make your comfort zone, more comfortable and cosy with SolarTint, Australia’s #1 and most trusted tint company.

Home window tinting is one of the most practical methods to safeguard the interiors against unnecessary and annoying glare and the heat. Tinted windows aid in controlling the overall temperatures in your home, resulting in substantially energy savings.

In addition to this, our high-quality window films are available in a variety of styles and shades that allow you to use your creativity to design your home. Our functional and attractive range of window films will not give your home an endearing beauty that will last for years but also gives you the much-required privacy.

Benefits of Home Window Tinting

  • Professionally tinted windows can be helpful in preventing the expensive furnishings in your home becoming long lost memories. SolarTint window film blocks out up to 99% of harmful UV rays, further protecting the interiors.
  • Though our window films provide you with a clear view outside, it can stop people from outside to looking in your home, thus you get enhanced privacy. Moreover, tinted windows reduce annoying and eye-straining glare.
  • Window tints act like insulators! During summers, the window film reflects the hot sun and blocks UV rays, thus lowering down the air conditioning costs. While during winters, it doesn’t let the inside heat from escaping through the windows.
  • Our high-quality window films come with 7 years manufacturer’s warranty.

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