Written by solartint on September 24, 2019 in Window Tinting

We know that you have been planning to tint your car. And trust us the tint looks awesome. Roads look happy with the deep tints on clear shields. The miles suddenly look calmer and cooler. Tinting your vehicle is not only a practical but also an artistic way to customize your ride. It gives your vehicle a fascinating look and provides protection from heat, UV rays and even defence against scratches. So there’s a lot more to car tint than just the look. Even if you are 100% ready to tint your car we suggest you ask the most important questions to yourself first.

Is it affordable?

Yes, the very question we suggest you ask yourself is about the expense that would be incurred. Are you sure that car tinting would be affordable to your pockets? We understand that no one wants to dig a big hole in their pockets and therefore Solar Tint Essendon provides you with the best of services at an economical cost.

Does quality matter to me?

We know the answer to this question is definitely yes. Then why do you compromise? A good quality tint won’t be available at any Tom, Dick or Harry’s outlet. A quality tint will show and so will the cheap tint show its quality. You clearly don’t want anyone judging your tints and therefore you need to consider your tint as an investment and go for the right quality according to your car. Remember a good quality tint would last for years instead of just a few months and therefore all our products are of high quality making them one of the leaders in the market.

What all my tint will do?

Well, as we said earlier a good car tint is more than looks. So while going for a car tinting service you need to ask the dealer, the benefits of your tint. Will it offer UV protection? Did you know solar films can reduce up to 86% of heat? UV protection makes your car cool so you can ease up the air conditioner and also breathe of sigh of relief from the harsh Australian sun.