Written by solartint on January 13, 2020 in Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting may seem like a walk in the park but the truth is completely different. In olden days, people did not prefer adding tint to their office space because of the unattractive and substandard installation of the older tint version. The older security films were more of an eyesore but now the times have changed. The quality of commercial window tint has gone up and when effectively installed, they give an aesthetical appeal to the complete property. Window films are more resilient and stay good for decades. However, if there are installed shabbily they can mar the complete look of your building. Both the performance and the appearance can be greatly affected.

Window tinting whether it is residential or commercial should be done by experts. At Solar Tint Essendon, we have an experience of over 18 years of providing tinting solution. All our commercial tints are installed by factory trained and skilled professionals. Our experts carry out the work effectively within a given frame of time without causing any disruption. Today there are hundreds of “do it yourself” methods available for the installation of commercial window tints and there are high chances of mistakes when tinting is not done by professionals. Some of the common mistakes discovered by our experts are as follows:

Pre-Installation Cleaning

Experts know that before applying a security window film, the window must be clean and spotless. The dirty glass will reduce the benefits that can be gained from security films. A professional film installer would know that all windows must be cleaned with only hot water and mild liquid soap before the installation of the window film. Using alcohol or any other chemicals would leave a residue on the glass surfaces making it hard for the film to adhere to it. This is one of the biggest and the most common mistakes that happen while the installation of a window tint.

Failure to Remove Air bubbles

A security film is applied on a wet window and after that, all the water and air bubbles that are under it need to be squeezed out. A non-professional may fail to remove all the air bubbles and water resulting in improper tinting. The film might then find it hard to adhere to the window.

These are the two common mistakes that can be done by non-professionals. On the other hand not asking for a warranty and accepting a dodgy quote might be considered as your mistake. It is always recommended to not only get the best tints but also hire the experts for the job. For the best commercial window tinting, you can connect with us on 03 9310 5997. Our experts will understand all your specific requirements and then provide the aptest solution.