Written by solartint on March 11, 2021 in Car Window Tinting

With daily tune-ups and repairs, you take care of your car’s engine, but have you thought of taking care of the windows of your car? You can think of window film, also called window tint, not just as an aesthetic enhancement, but to protect you and your car. It also offers long-lasting functional benefits.

What are the different kinds of window tints?

Based on their purpose, window tints can be divided into three different categories. You should know which forms are available on the market if you are looking for automotive window tinting.

1. Infrared

Window tinting is mainly intended to shield you from the UV rays coming from the Sun. With optimum visibility, an infrared window tint serves the same goal. You do not need to think about the laws in your state about the amount of window tint. Without eclipsing your frame, you will gain maximum protection from the heat and sun. In addition to this, these tints go on without peeling or chipping to last longer.

2. Metallic

Did you ever see a car with a dark and elegant edge? Yeah, it’s no more than a metallic tint. The metallic tint protects you from the sun and UV rays by giving your car a reflective look. This is the reason why most high-profile celebrities look elegant and glamorous in cars. The only downside associated with metallic tint is that it prevents signals from mobile phones and GPS. So, if you’re a tech-savvy guy, you may not be the right option for metallic tint.

3. Carbon

A carbon tint provides a great deal of resistance to UV rays and heat. It also supports mobile phone and GPS signals to a large degree, unlike metallic tint. So, you should certainly go for a carbon tint if you are looking for much better sun safety, a sleek look, and a decent GPS signal.

What are the benefits of window tinting your cars? 

1. Tinting your windows will stop your upholstery from fading

Reduction of Fade- Your car is a precious commodity that you want to make last for as long as possible. A perfect way to safeguard your investment is to get window tinting professionally mounted on your car. Window film constantly prevents harsh sunlight that can fade upholstery and discolour leather and vinyl. 

By using a windshield sun protector or parking your car in the shade can temporarily minimise sun damage. To keep your car looking newer, tints prevents car interiors from cracking and warping. In order to minimise eye strain from direct sun and bright nighttime headlights, window tinting also blocks windshield glare. 

2. Window tint blocks UV Rays

UV Ray blocking car window tinting can block up to 99 percent of the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun that can speed up skin ageing and cause skin cancer. A type of electromagnetic radiation is ultraviolet light, or UV rays, as they are commonly called. Prolonged exposure results in skin damage, such as the burning of the skin, darkening of the skin, premature ageing and cancer of the skin. UV protection that can block both harmful UVA and UVB rays is also offered by clear window film or a light tint. 

3. Stops solar heat

Rejection of solar heat If you have struggled to find the right amount of air conditioning for all your passengers, window tinting will help solve the tricky problem. Automotive window film can block anywhere from 35-65% of the solar heat that builds up in a vehicle, depending on the grade. For all, you should balance climate and comfort and reduce the consumption of fuel from overuse of air conditioning.

4. Shattered glass security

Shattered Glass Defense You should not underestimate the safety benefits of installing window film on your vehicle. Window film is intended to avoid the fracturing of glass if an object strikes it. Passengers are shielded from flying glass fragments and from being hurled through windows in the event of a car accident. In addition, criminals are going to find it slightly hard to break through the tinted glass and get into your vehicle.

5. Better privacy and protection

Privacy and Security window tinting come in a wide variety of shades to provide you and your passengers with a degree of privacy as you head down the lane. You should walk away when you park the car and know that prying eyes can not see your valuables inside.

The advantages of adding window tint include more than just changing your car’s appearance. When you want to safeguard your car and those that ride with you, it will add to your peace of mind.