Written by solartint on April 25, 2023 in Car Window Tinting
Top Factors That Affect the Price of Car Window Tinting

With many car owners choosing to add window tint to their vehicles, car window tinting has recently gained much popularity. Tinting your car windows brings with it many benefits, including

  • A sleek and stylish look to your car

  • Reduced heat and glare

  • Protects the interior from UV rays

  • Increased privacy and security

However, with benefits and features that get mentioned for a car tint product, there comes a price tag. Therefore, choosing a professional and experienced company that offers high-quality products and guarantees customer satisfaction becomes essential.

So, what exactly determines car window tinting prices? Let’s explore the primary factors:

  1. Tint Film Quality: One of the major factors that significantly affect the price of window tinting is the quality of the tint film. Remember, higher-quality films are usually more expensive but offer better heat reduction and longer-lasting durability.
  2. Car Model: The make and model of some cars also play a very crucial role in influencing the price of a window tint. While many vehicles have windows of a similar size and shape, some cars have complex window shapes or hard-to-reach windows, requiring more time and effort to install the tint, thus leading to a higher cost.
  3. Tint Percentage: The percentage of tint a car owner chooses can also affect the price. The darker the tint, the more expensive it tends to be.
  4. Installation Method: Some methods, such as computer-cut tint, can result in a higher cost due to the precision and accuracy of the installation.
  5. Location: The location of the car window tinting service can also affect the price. Prices may vary depending on the region or city where the service is located.

Why Choose SolarTint Essendon For Car Window Tinting

At SolarTint Essendon, we specialise in providing premium car window tinting services at a reasonable price. Our highly experienced and skilled technicians have worked on almost all major car brands, including a large variety of models and sizes. We strive to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction and offer an Australia-wide lifetime guarantee on your tint.

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