Written by solartint on February 14, 2020 in Car Window Tinting Window Tinting

Today millions of car owners in Australia including Adelaide go for car window tints. It is one of the smartest investments that you can make. Believe it or not, but when you think about buying tints for your window, there are many misconceptions that you would come across. At Solar Tint Essendon, we understand these myths and we shall debunk the top five myths today. Remember, it is always critical to understand the type of tint you want to use before investing in it. We are experts in providing you with the highest quality of solar tint and here is the truth behind some of the common myths.

Window Tint Is Just Cosmetic

We agree to the fact that car window tinting can make your car look amazing, but tinting is not just about glamming up your car, it’s more than that. Window tints block the harmful ultraviolet rays thus protecting your car’s interior from fading and your skin from the harm. It also assists in keeping the car temperature cool in hot days thus reducing the burden on your air conditioning system.

 Car Window Tinting Is Expensive and Doesn’t Last

This myth is solely dependent on the kind of tint you have used. The cost of tinting your car solely depends on the material you choose. Solar Tint Essendon comes with Australia wide lifetime guarantee. Additionally, we also verify the performance features of the window film.

All Films Bubble and Discolour after Sometime

This statement is not true. If your tint is bubbling or if the colour is fading, then the quality of your tint is not up to the mark. Window tinting films come in a different shade and therefore, choosing the right shade according to your requirement and law is critical.

Unable to See after Installing the Tinting Film

This is one of the most common misconceptions that after installing a window film you are unable to see on the outside. Films indeed give your car a dark look but a tint cannot block your view ahead. You need to choose the window tinting that is perfect and ideal for your car depending on your needs and law.

Impossible to Break

Car window tinting provides privacy. It makes the car doors and windows dark making it impossible for people to see the insides, but this doesn’t mean burglars can’t break-in. Tinting doesn’t make your glass stronger but if your window film is installed by professionals, then you can prevent your windows from shattering into tiny bits and pieces when broken.

At Solar Tint Essendon, we provide you with premium car window tints in Adelaide at competitive rates. We provide a secure environment for your vehicle when kept overnight and we provide you with Australia wide lifetime guarantee. To know more, call us on 03 9310 5997.