Written by solartint on April 7, 2021 in Car Paint

Remember that you were given a bunch of add-on services during your car purchase? Was the safety of car paint one of them? Yes! Yes! In the world of automobile enthusiasts, it is no less than a wonder. An optional but extremely crucial addition to your beloved cars is car paint safety.

Car repair, full of hassle, can be a problematic job. The odds are it would end up wasting a lot of your valuable time. However, we now have a reliable solution known as car paint protection, thanks to technology and innovation, that helps save time while maintaining your car effectively.

There is no taking away from the fact that, after an incredibly long wait, indulging in one extra service to get your car will leave you in a catch, however convenient. It may make you consider other alternatives, as they might seem to take less time.

This article describes car paint safety in depth and decides whether or not it is worth it in an effort to help you solve this uncertainty and make the right decision.

Let us begin by knowing what car paint security is?

Car paint safety is an integral protective chemical layer, typically a paint, wax or coating, applied over the surface of your car that prevents external harm from occurring. The external agents that cause harm include dust, UV rays, acid rain, toxins, etc.

The protection of automotive paint serves as a protective shield between your car and anything that could damage your car. Although it does not have insurance against major incidents such as a car crash or some other mishap, for a prolonged period, its primary aim is to make your car look fresh and shiny. It safeguards the car from debris, scratches, chemical reactions, etc.

Security of car paint is of different kinds, as follows


One of the oldest kinds of car safety is wax. This includes the use of industrial wax extracted from palm trees. By combining it with oils and sealants, it is further refined.

Paints that are synthetic

Industrial paint is fully synthetic in nature and chemical-heavy, synthetic paint is used. The method includes selecting a colour matching your car’s colour and adding a layer of it to the surface of your car. It is renowned for immediately having a mirror-like shine.

Coating of ceramics

One of the new car paint safety strategies is ceramic coating. It includes adding a liquid to the vehicle that will gradually solidify. It provides a protective layer when solidifying, which is dust and scratch-resistant.

It can be overwhelming to have so many choices available to serve the same function. We are bent on clarifying your questions.

How do you make the right selection?

Although the range of options is impressive in the car paint security service, each form comes with its cons. 

While the safety of wax paint has stood the test of time, many experts and consumers also complain that more dust is attracted by its sticky consistency. It is not a long-term remedy and does not have a reliable defence against environmental variables.

On the contrary, synthetic paints are time-consuming and fail to provide protection, particularly against sun rays as they appear to fade away. While ceramic does not have these problems, it is criticised, it implies for the cost. There are cheaper options that, at affordable prices, provide you with the same treatment.

Is car paint worth it?

Car paint security is also a valuable service add-on. It ensures that your vehicle looks fresh for a long time, while also offering practical advantages such as scratch safety, environmental sources, and pollutants.

Although the market is full of many alternatives, it is crucial that you thoroughly analyse and finalise the choice that provides you with excellent quality and is cost-effective.

The reactive polymer coating offered by Permagard is one such alternative. Crafted with the unique chemical technology copolymer, it promises protection against several sources of harm both inside and outside. It also does a good job of sustaining the appetite of your car. 

Now, let’s remember its advantages

  • The proprietary high-tech solution offers a glossy security shield to your car against possible harm sources.
  • It involves sophisticated upholstery security. This means that your car is not only covered on the outside, but also on the inside. Your accessories, seats and the overall room are protected by interior security.
  • Chemical-bonded protection against many environmental damages such as acid rain, salt, bird droppings, road grime, pollution fallout, etc. is provided by its reactive copolymer coating.
  • Specialized water-resistance is given.

Now that we understand the various benefits provided by STGroup reactive copolymer coating, it is easier to make a decision and also conclude that the money you spend in it is worth every bit of car paint safety. Before investing in any solution, an important thing to remember is to have the research well in place, to eliminate the risk of making the wrong decision.

Wrapping Up

Car paint safety, as an optional service, is sometimes ignored. However, that does not diminish its significance, as discussed earlier. There are several choices available on the market, such as wax coating, synthetic painting, and ceramic coating. 

These car security services, sadly, come with a number of drawbacks and sometimes cause a hole in your wallet. Luckily, however, we still have reliable choices for all car lovers out there, such as STGroup reactive copolymer coating that provides quality service, and solutions that protect your car’s interior and exterior. It would be worth your money and time to invest in such a wholesome car security programme. Protection and repair would include those choices.