Written by solartint on November 9, 2019 in Window Tinting
Get Your Residential Windows Tinted

Today, glass is a fundamental design part of architecture in Australian homes. Mild sunlight pouring through the glass creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere but if the sun is too harsh, it can cause various ailments and damage to the property. Sun glare is harsh but for migraine patients, it is worse. The Australian sun is well known for causing various types of skin malady like sunburns and skin cancer. It is also dangerous for patients who suffer from chronic migraines and therefore it is essential to get your residential windows tinted. Home Window Tinting is a boon for migraine patients. Our experts from Solar Tint Essendon give you an insight as to what residential window tinting is and how it can assist people with headaches.

What is Residential Window Tinting?

Home Tinting in Essendon is the process of getting the interior and exterior of your windows covered with protective films. The process of applying this UV protective films is called window tinting. It blocks many damaging rays that heat your room and cause damage to the interiors by causing the furniture, wall paints and carpet to faint. Windows are thoroughly cleaned and dusted first, then professionals at Solar Tint Essendon apply window tint film coated with adhesive directly on to the glass and block out the UV rays.

How Window Tinting assists with Migraines?

Though migraines are triggered by different things, including weather, certain foods and some alcoholic beverages, light can also be considered as a major culprit. Light amplifies the pain for people who struggle with migraines. Many Australians are prone to light-induced migraines while for many others are sensitive to light between attacks. Experts also say that the cumulative effect of sunlight exposure over time can also be damaging causing one to develop headaches. Sun emits a spectrum of light wavelengths. One of the strongest of light wavelength is the high energy visible light known as blue light. Blue light has been identified as the most painful colour of the light for people suffering from migraine. Having your windows tinted can actually reduce the sun glare up to 80%. It not only assists in resting on a headache day but also assists in preventing the symptoms altogether.

If you are thinking of getting home window tinting in Essendon, let Solar Tint Essendon assist you with high-quality tints. Connect with us on 03 9310 5997 and view an extensive range of window tints.