Written by solartint on January 7, 2021 in Window Tinting

Homeowners may think window tinting is a bit of a luxury in their home, but in reality, this one home improvement project or new building element has multiple advantages that can improve the quality of life and budget for your customers.

You may want to educate your customer about residential window tinting if you’ve ever heard them say one (or all) of the following:

  1. My energy bill is too high 

  2. My room is always too hot to sleep in 

  3. The sunlight fades my furniture 

  4. We need privacy

Residential Window Tinting Installation is Fairly Simple. 

The actual amount of time it takes depends on how many windows the film is installed and how complex the windows are. Once your customer has selected the type of film he or she wants to use, the installation process involves cleaning and prepping the windows and using water and a squeegee to apply the films.

Care & Maintenance

Once the film has been applied to the windows of your customers it will last a long time. The warranties on the products typically cover the film for a period of five years, with some lasting 10-15 years, but the film can last more than 20 years. A “fogginess” in the film can be seen right after it has been installed, which is due to a small amount of moisture left behind from the installation process. That typically disappears within a few days, though.

The film doesn’t require maintenance to do its job and homeowners can clean their windows as they normally would. Just stay away from abrasive paper towels or other rough materials which might damage the winning film. 

Residential window tinting is one of the most practical methods of preventing unnecessary and annoying glare and heat from the interiors. Tinted windows help to control your home’s overall temperatures, resulting in considerable energy savings.

Besides that, our high-quality window films are available with a 7-year warranty and they come in a variety of styles and shades that enable you to use your creativity to design your home. Our functional and attractive range of window films will not give an endearing beauty to your home that will last for years but will also give you the much-needed privacy.

Protector of your Skin

Tinted windows can limit the harmful UV rays of the sun by 90%. This can lower your risk of having any skin-related and sun-related health problems. All you have to do is instal window tinting in your home, and you can protect yourself and your family against harmful rays being exposed.

Knew you can still enjoy getting your daily dose of vitamin D with tinted windows? Tinting your windows allows you to get all the benefits you would like, without worrying about harmful UV rays!

Protects your Furniture

Due to the fact that furniture and household furniture are not cheap, you want to do everything you can to protect them from harmful UV rays that can break down materials. Tinting your windows can extend the life of your home’s furniture, countertops, floors and window treatments.

Residential window tinting can reduce the material breakdown in your walls, furniture, pictures, rugs, flooring and window treatments. It can also aid in the loss of colour and fading associated with direct sun exposure.

Better Efficiency in Energy Use

When it comes to energy bills, residential window tinting can save you quite a bit of money. The tinting will help to keep the warmth in your home during the cooler months, preventing your thermostat from having to rise. You’ll likely find in the warmer months that you’ve got to run your air conditioner far less often. This is because the tinting of the residential window will repel much of the heat from the sun.

They will reduce your utility bills without sacrificing your comfort. Residential window tinting can help you keep your home at the perfect temperature.

Glare Reduction

The sun’s glare on your television set while watching your favourite TV show or sporting event can be incredibly frustrating. Your only option is to close your blinds or drapes so that the sun does not light up your room. Nobody wants to sit in a dark room in the daytime! Residential tinting solves this problem by enabling you to enjoy your natural light without feeling glare on the screen.

Wrapping Up

If you are interested in learning more about residential tinting, or even if you know exactly what you want, reach out to STGroup. Enjoy natural sunlight in your home without having to worry about the dangers associated with it. Plus, get all of the added benefits highlighted above!