Written by solartint on April 13, 2023 in Home Window Tinting
Professional Home window tinting

From flooring to furnishing, decorating a home can be expensive but equally essential and significant too.

And with so much invested, every homeowner would want to protect that investment by taking the right measures.

Do you know one of the biggest threats to the furnishings inside your house is none other than the sun?

The Sun’s UV rays are the primary reason for causing fading, discolouration and even deterioration of home furnishings when exposed for an extended period of time.

Visible sunlight, solar heat, humidity, artificial light and sometimes harsh cleaning methods are the other factors responsible for causing fading. But you can control these secondary factors by adjusting the humidity level in your home, low-heat generating LED lighting and recommended cleaning methods to clean furnishings.

So, what about harmful UV rays?

Yes, curtains and drapes can be used to protect your furniture from the sun, but many people do not want to let go of their views & the open feeling of their home by adding them.

The best and most straightforward way to tackle this problem is by installing home window tinting. This will allow you to protect your furnishings from the harmful effects of the sun while letting you enjoy the positive aspects of natural light.

How Does Home Window Tint Prevent Fading?

Window tint very efficiently addresses the top 3 contributors of fading – UV radiation, solar heat and sunlight. Top-quality window tint products block out up to 99% of UV rays coming from direct sunlight, thus effectively protecting your home’s carpet, artwork, hardwood flooring, fabrics, furniture, pianos, and other valuable items.

Additionally, quality window tint aid in reducing the heat coming through the window, thus controlling the overall temperatures in your home. This can help you cut your energy costs from air conditioning and heating by up to 30%.

Finally, window tinting film also effectively blocks a percentage of the visible light coming through a window while giving adequate lighting to your home. 

By installing a good quality home window tinting film from a professional window tinting service provider, you’ll not only protect your interior from sun damage but also save money by not having to reupholster, refinish or replace your furnishings and floorings as often.

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