Written by solartint on November 5, 2020 in Window Tinting


‘Profit is not something to add on at the end, it is something to plan for in the beginning.’

This applies to every type of business, may it be big or small. Profits are to be aimed at the beginning of every financial year. And to do this, the first step of it should be to focus on reducing the expenses or equalise the predicted loss at par. 

There are some expenses that can be avoided but then there are some that cannot be avoided at any cost. If the segregation of the avoidable expenses is done from non-avoidable expenses in advance, the rest be managed with a handful of planning. 

Considerable places where the cost can be saved and converted into sure shot profits are:

Keep your investment in furniture secure

Commercial spaces have big windows that are sized almost equivalent to doors or at times larger than that. The furniture is always exposed to heat and humidity from morning till evening, affecting the furniture and its finish. Implying commercial window tinting will refrain the heat from reflecting on to the furniture directly, thus saving it from damage. This way the furniture will long last and save you some surprise money. 

Make the UV rays game strong

Sun is the main source of energy but it is also one of the most powerful sources of damage. It is a source of Vitamin D in the first two hours of the morning and then it converts to harmful Ultraviolet rays that can be harmful to the skin as well as can cause cancer symptoms in the long run. Commercial window tinting will help to prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from entering the premises. This will prove to be a very good step for the employee’s health in the long run. 

Keep the electricity consumption in check

Heat is a source of energy but it is also a source that slows down the consumption of air received through the air conditioner in the office. This ultimately gives more load to the AC to perform well and give a better cooling effect on the premises. Commercial window tinting will prevent unwanted heat from entering the place as well as help the cool air from the Ac to spread well, giving better results than earlier. And this process will ultimately increase the lifespan of Ac, coolers, and fans, etc. and thus saving some good money that can be utilised as profit in the near time. 

Help your employees concentrate

Commercial window tinting prevents the view to some degrees and helps the employees to concentrate sitting in one place. It is helpful to keep them away from unwanted distractions during office or crucial work hours, in return make them more productive and creative. The heat from the windows also reflects on the computers and mobile phone screens, making it difficult to work on. Also, window tinting creates a soothing and a little dark atmosphere in the room, making a perfect place for a summer day or a winter afternoon. 

Helps meeting rooms keep their privacy

If you are the owner of the company and owns a separate room in the office with glass doors, it is advisable to cover it up with tints to prevent your personal working space from unwanted interactions. Your employees or other staff would not be able to see you from outside but in this case, you will be able to keep a complete check on all of them through the tints. It is adopted by a lot of business spaces to keep a check on the employees as well as keep the privacy of the management in place. 

Keep the numbers private from competitors

If your company is in the same commercial space as your competitors, then it is very important to protect the information from them especially if you have glass doors or windows. Commercial window tints will help you hide your important information from the surrounding public and work on your goals in a better way. It is a small step but can save you from a big loss in the long run by preventing the leakage of important information. 

Profits are easy to make if the expenses are checked on a regular basis and measures are taken to reduce them as much as possible. To keep your expenses in place, you can install our commercial window tints and see the change in profit figures over the next 5 years. Explore the best option for your commercial space at https://www.stgroup.com.au or call at 0393105997  for inquiry.