Written by solartint on September 6, 2019 in Window Tinting
Car window tint

Remember the feeling of buying your first ever car? All the savings, careful planning and wise decisions processes have led you to buy your very own first car. Your very first car bought with your own money holds a big sentimental value and is a matter of pride for you. You use your car to commute to work, home and even to show off to all your mates. Your first car becomes your companion, no matter however long or short the ride is and where you are travelling through the landscapes of our beautiful country.

But after a point of time, the drive starts making you feel uncomfortable. It is not only you but many drivers face this issue because of the harsh Australian Sun. And soon you realise that the car seats of your new car have started discolouring. The leather starts getting worn out and you feel as if you were duped with the quality of leather seats. No, this is not the case. It is because you didn’t have your car windows tinted.

At Solar Tint Essendon, we understand the value of window tinting and how important it is for your car windows to be tinted. When you step into the market, you hear terms like window film and car window tint but until you know the difference it won’t help you protect your precious car.

Window Tints are a part of the process where your car is protected in the long run. Car window Tints protect the interiors from the damage caused by the sunlight and also ensures privacy. Your car gets to be easily protected from different acts of vandalism and even the temperature inside your car stays in check when the windows are tinted.

The term window films refer to anything about the process of your car window protection. Windows films come in a variety of types like dyed, metalized, ceramic, crystalline and more. The type of car tint service will help you in deciding which window film you should opt for your car.

Car window tint and car window film are complex terms when you are trying to understand the difference and therefore it is always recommended to take professional help. Our experts from Solar Tint Essendon would assist you with the complete process. For all your auto tinting and car window tinting you can connect with us on 03 9310 5997 to know more or visit our website https://www.stgroup.com.au/ for any further information.