Written by solartint on October 4, 2019 in Window Tinting
commercial window tinting

Commercial window tinting for office buildings and properties has ample of benefits. Office window tinting reduces the heat from the Aussie sun and blocks ultraviolet rays. Today, window films come in varying degrees of light transmission that can assist you with your requirements. Although some people don’t like the idea of office window tinting, it has many benefits. The reason for this dislike can be poorly-installed window tint or deteriorated tints over time. Fortunately, the art of window tinting has advanced significantly. At ST Group, we live and breathe window tints and here are some of the benefits of office window tinting from our experts.

  • Save Money

Commercial window tinting helps you in saving money. The tints assist in maintaining a consistent and balanced climate inside your office property. After getting window films installed, you shall immediately note the reduced costs on energy and operations every month.

  • Comfortable Work Environment

Did you know one-third of an average building’s cooling load is due to the solar heat gain through windows? In addition to this, a building’s orientation and position of the sun overhead can cause extreme glare problems. A sunlit environment can cause various issues like hotspots, glare, heat and fluctuating temperature. Commercial window tinting screens out significant amounts of UV rays, heat and glare from entering your premises. As a result, the temperature inside your office is maintained, giving your employees, clients and guests a comfortable environment.

  • Protect Your Office Interiors

Interior of your office can experience damaging and harmful effects of solar heat and UV rays from the sun. The harmful ultraviolet rays fade the upholstery of your furniture and make it an eyesore. These rays are also responsible for fading of drapes, carpets, photos and artwork. Having office window tint can preserve the look of your investments without reducing ambient visible light.

  • Security Buildup

Glass windows are one of the most valuable assets of an office property. Also, for any property, safety is always the top priority. Many commercial window films are thick enough that can assist in holding the window together if the glass is shattered. This feature helps in reducing the chances of burglary, property damage and injury, thus keeping everyone safe.

  • Site Beautification

The first impression is the last impression. Today, people pass their judgement on the appearance. Set an impeccable office look with a unique and professional appearance through window tints. You can even incorporate different patterns, logos and your business name in your office window tints.

In today’s world, office window tints are more advanced than their predecessors. Commercial window films come in an array of styles and designs to suit your specific needs. For further information call us on 03 9310 5997 and get the best tint for your commercial space.