Written by solartint on June 25, 2019 in Window Tinting
Benefits of Home Window Tinting

Glass windows add a class of decor to any home. The style and elegance of glass windows speak of royalty. Today, many Australians are including glass windows in their home designs. Imagine sipping a cup of hot coffee in one hand and a book in another on a pleasant Sunday morning or just enjoying a refreshing view from your window.

Window panes are a great source of heat loss in winter and immense heat gain in summer. One may consider the option of adding window treatments or installing replacements. There is, however, a better solution and that is home window tinting. Yes, apart from cars, religious buildings and businesses houses, window tinting can actually be used for your private residence too. Apart from reducing the amount of sunlight entering your abode, there are ample of benefits provided by tints. Here are some benefits listed by our team of experts from the SolarTint Essendon.

Save Money

Yes, you read it right. One of the major unseen benefits of a good quality window tint is lowering your energy bills. The window when treated with high-quality professional tint, they bleed out less heat and AC. This means that heat will be conserved through the winter, and repelled during the summer, giving your HVAC systems a rest, thereby, saving money on fuel and electricity. It also reduces the need to repaint or re-paper any faded walls as they won’t be directly affected by the sunlight.

Safeguarding your precious possessions

Finding the perfect furniture for your home is a difficult task and this furniture can easily fade if exposed to constant sunlight for regular durations. At SolarTint Essendon, we know how harsh the Australian sun is towards our skin and it is harmful to us even indoors. Apart from our precious furniture and skin, the sun’s harmful UV rays are known to even cause our rugs and carpets to lose their original shine. Home window tinting from SolarTint Essendon is actually a solution to all the difficulties caused by the harmful UV rays. If you want to know more about window tinting, we suggest you speak to one of our home window tinting experts by call us on 03 9310 5997 or contact us!