Written by solartint on June 24, 2020 in Window Tinting

A window tint not only enhances your property but also provides you with improved security and privacy. A good quality window tint reduces glare and provides protection against the UV rays. After the window tint installation, it is important to maintain it. A well-maintained tint will give you the best results and lead a very long life. Here are astonishing tips on how to maintain your car window tint, office window tint, and home window tint.

Car Window Tint

You want your car window tint to always be in tip-top condition. Your car tint keeps your vehicle cool and comfortable by cutting glare and blocking the harmful UV rays. The fresh appearance that adds an aesthetic value to your car can be maintained if proper care is taken. One of the best ways is to use soft cloth materials while cleaning your car materials. Even if your car is scratch-resistant, it is important to use a soft cloth. The best option that can be used is a microfiber cloth. Microfibre cloth materials collect dust and dirt without scratching the windows. Abstain from using steel sponges or any other abrasive cleaning products.

Office and Home Window Tints

Just like car window tints, the same cleaning rules apply for both residential and commercial windows. The best cleaning solution is using soap and water. The alternative cleaning solution includes using vinegar and water. The most important point to be remembered here is not to use anything that is abrasive right from harsh chemicals to rough paper towels. Also, another major point that needs to be remembered is to clean the window films only after they have fully dried. Your professional window tinter would be the perfect person to inform you about the exact time period.

The average lifespan of window tint ranges approximately between 10 to 15 years and many manufacturers offer a warranty too. It is always recommended to choose such a manufacturer that provides you with a lifetime warranty.

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