Written by solartint on May 13, 2020 in Car Window Tinting

A badly done tint can completely ruin the look of your car. A car tint enhances the beauty of your car. It provides your protection against the harmful UV rays and glare. A car window tint keeps the temperature in your vehicle comfortable. If the tinting job, however, is done badly it can spoil your car look and feel. It is, therefore, important to take a few things into consideration while choosing your car window tint. Here are three phenomenal tips to assist you in choosing the right window tint for your car.


You want your car view to be clear. If your tint job has bubbles all over, it is a big no-no for your car. Remember, even small bubbles can create a distraction which can lead to major accidents in the future. It is, therefore, important to choose professionals and the best quality tint for the job. If you opt for a low-quality tint, it will hardly be six months before the bubbles to form as the adhesive that is actually holding the tint will start breaking.

Tint The Windshield

It is legal in some states to have a very light tint on your windshield. The windshield is the largest window on your car. When you tint everything and leave the windshield as it is, the complete purpose of the window tint is defeated. It is, therefore, important to apply high quality lighter tints for your windshield.

Avoid Purple

A purple tint indicates the aging of a tint. Remember when your tint starts getting purple it starts losing its protective properties and the time to replace it has come. The tint that gets purple rapidly is made from cheap materials that start to break down soon.

Tinting your car means making a statement. It also means protecting your car from the harsh Aussie sun. Remember a car window tint is one of your biggest investments and therefore hiring a professional to do the job will be the best option. To get the best professional tint service, connect with us today.